In a world where so many things have become adulterated, we believe in the simple premise that PURE is GOOD. At Rochelle Rose we strive to bring you fresh, wholesome soap and bath products made from ingredients that you can actually pronounce. We proudly offer an affordable handcrafted alternative to the commercially made, chemically laden products that dominate the marketplace.

Rochelle Rose was born out of one women’s quest for relief from dry sensitive skin. After visiting dermatologists and trying many products and medications she found no relief. So, she began extensive research to create her own soaps from a variety of nourishing ingredients. She found that using wholesome ingredients and leaving out the detergents, preservatives and “junk” made all the difference.

Did you know that most of what is considered to be “soap” today isn’t actually soap at all? Commercially made “soaps” are synthetic detergents and often contain animal fats, petrochemicals, alcohol, and preservatives. Since detergents are more aggressive cleaners than real soap they are best used for house-hold and industrial cleaning applications, rather than skincare. In fact, most commercial bars aren’t even called soap; they are often labeled as detergent bars, beauty bars, or cleansing bars.

Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches from recipes especially formulated to be mild and nourishing to your skin. We combine vegetable based oils with exotic butters like shea and cocoa, herbal extracts, essential oils and fragrances. We add clays, spices, botanicals and cosmetic grade pigments for color and texture. The soap is then hand cut and cured for weeks to ensure a mild, long lasting bar.

Address: Rochelle Rose PO 453 Hainesport, NJ 08036 Email: Phone: 609-451-0115