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Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches from recipes especially formulated to be mild and nourishing to your skin. We start with a blend of high quality vegetable oils such as olive, sunflower, coconut, soybean and palm oils. We add a variety of exotic butters, nut oils, herbal extracts, essential oils and fragrances. The soaps are colored with herbs and cosmetic grade pigments. The soap is then cured for weeks to ensure a mild, long lasting bar. Because we hand cut each bar, they vary slightly giving each one a unique appearance.

*Please note that Rochelle Rose Soaps are “cruelty free." Our soap does not contain any animal fats; nor do we conduct animal testing.

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Avocado Limon Cucumber Aloe Fresca Enjoymint
Avocado Limon
Price: $7.00
Price: $7.00
Moisture rich. Creamy skin loving avocado and olive oil. Cool as a cucumber. Inspired by fresh spring water infused with cucumber slices, lemon slices and sprigs of mint leaf. Uber refreshing. Bold and refreshing. Energizing double-mint. An ideal wake-up soap for your morning shower.
Ginger Lime Honey Child Patchouli Lavender Chamomile
Ginger Lime
Price: $7.00
Tangy citrus. Fusion of ginger and lime essential oils create pure citrus bliss. Enriched with moisturizing shea butter. Earthy. A patchouli lover's dream! Dark Indonesian patchouli and orange essential oils, golden beeswax and pure clover honey. Herbal Lavender. Soothing chamomile olive oil infusion, lavender essential oil and moisturising shea butter. A timeless classic.
Lavender Satsuma Lemongrass Verbena Oatmeal Honey
Lavender Satsuma
Price: $7.00
Oatmeal Honey
Price: $7.00
Joyfully sprinkled with lavender and maragold petals, scented with an cheerful lavender citrus essential oil blend. One sniff will make you smile! Lemony fresh. Bright clean scent of lemongrass and may chang essential oils. Enriched with avocado oil and aloe vera. Wholesome Oatmeal, natural beeswax and pure clover honey. The copious amount of oatmeal provides skin soothing qualitites and moderate exfoliation.
Pure Olive Shea Sunshine Rainbows
Pure Olive Shea
Price: $7.00
Sunshine Rainbows
Price: $7.00
Fragrance Free. Color Free. Specifically created for sensitive skin. Moisturizing olive oil enriched with shea butter. Cheerful and festive. Sunny yellow confetti sprinkled soap scented with a bright blend of citrus essential oils.